Diet or Lifestyle Change?

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The quick answer is:  A lifestyle change is forever – a diet is temporary.

Terin’s Smart Weigh invites you to make a commitment to change your lifestyle.  The difference between a diet and a lifestyle change is about doing something temporary or making a permanent change.  The word “permanent” is a relative word because it implies it will last as long as we last. How long we last depends largely on our health. If you are overweight The time to make a change is now because tomorrow often turns into many more tomorrows that never seems to arrive. We need to understand the wisdom of making a lifestyle change now. You need to do it for you and you need to do it for those you love and who love you.

Terin’s Smart Weigh supplements can help you succeed in changing your life.

Whether you are at the brink of being overweight, have gone slightly overweight – or have just let things go and all of a sudden realize you have become very much overweight, it dawns on you that something must be done.  It becomes a sense of urgency and you want to do something about it, so you start looking for ways and ideas on how to do it.  And all of that is good because it’s the first realization that you are serious about it. You have arrived at your decision-making moment and it’s now time to choose the path you will take. We are asking that you dismiss the word “diet” from your vocabulary in the sense it is a regimen, and sometimes an unpleasant one, used for losing weight. Choose to make a lifestyle change that includes foods you like, realizing you may have to avoid some of those foods you do enjoy, or at least not eat them on a regular basis.

Here is our first bit of advice to you as you start your journey:

Whatever you do make sure your choices involving foods and activities include only those you enjoy, and avoid those foods and activities that will only result in negative feelings.  In other words, don’t torture yourself. This change that begins now is for the rest of your life (permanence) and it has to include those foods and snacks you are comfortable with.   

Terin’s Smart Weigh supplements are designed to help you get “over the hump” and on your way to permanent change.  Taking these supplements regularly increases the levels of the active ingredients in your body, especially at the cellular level where they continue to work even while you’re sleeping.  Ingredients in our supplements increase your metabolism, just as exercise does. When your metabolism increases it means you’re burning fat even when you’re resting.  When your metabolism decreases, so does the fat burning activities your body needs.  Three powerful agents in The Essential Weigh work for you 24/7 to keep your body burning fat:  African Mango, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), and Garcinia Cambogia.  Each of these products contain additional ingredients that provide even more advantages to you body.

Eating and activities you choose should be enjoyable

Eating should not be a struggle and it certainly shouldn’t involve eating foods you don’t enjoy.  To be certain, we will have to make some sacrifices, but in the grand scheme of things, we will eat only foods we enjoy eating. We have to, or we won’t succeed.  You cannot go on a life-long diet; and you will not long drag your reluctant body to the gym for an hourly work-out every night, or take that one mile walk every morning if you don’t enjoy it.

These motivations will be short-lived and like most people who make these resolutions, you will soon fail.  If you enjoy walking or working out then do it, otherwise wait until later to re-evaluate whether or not it’s something you want to do.

You need to tell yourself:

I will change my lifestyle so I can be healthier.  I will eat differently and I will become more active.  I will learn how food affects my body and how I can use that knowledge to my advantage.  I will find healthy foods that I like and that can sustain me without starving myself or feeling denied.  Accepting that I want to “change” means I know I will have to give up some foods but if I’m creative I can find substitutes for the things I crave and can treat myself to those. No matter what, I will choose foods I like and want to eat.  I will not force myself to eat foods I don’t like. 

One thing we want to stress above all else to everyone who may be reading this: never, ever get down on yourself because of your weight. If others do, that’s their problem not yours. Be happy with who you are. In your lifestyle change it is not necessary to go from your current weight to your so-called ideal weight in three months, or six months. A lifestyle change is forever, and the weight will come off through everyday living. If you are 70 pounds overweight now, perhaps losing 20 or 30 pounds is all it will take to make you feel better.

Even a lifestyle change requires support and there are a number of ways Terin’s can help you.  First and foremost we can provide powerful and essential natural products that will aid you as you make the transition from your past to your new life.  Terin’s provides the top dietary supplements that can support and assist you in your new lifestyle.

The Power and Benefits of Supplements

Burning fat produces energy.  Terin’s supplements provide a continual source of energy and will aid in keeping your system well-regulated by burning off and preventing excess storage of fat.  It will increase your metabolism, help suppress your appetite and provide strong antioxidants to subdue the aging process.  Your digestive system will function better and the toxins in your body that wear you down will be purged.  Your body will become whole again. As you lose weight you gain more energy; as you gain energy you lose more weight. It is a cycle that keeps on giving.

Beside exceptional weight-loss properties, our supplements have the additional benefits of lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, aid in muscle growth, boost the immune system, control blood sugars, and much more.

Our Recommendation for Food

Terin recommends eating low carb foods.  Low carb foods have been found time and time again to be the most effective and healthy foods for people to eat.  Study after study has pointed out its benefits, even those studies that were looking for a different answer.  One study years ago found that when people ate high carb foods first thing in the morning, it stimulated their appetite for the rest of the day. It’s a prime cause of weight gain.  Hold off eating that first high carb meal and you might lose some weight.  But eating low carb foods consistently all the time will help more.

High carb foods are burnt off quickly in most teenagers, whose metabolism is usually higher than adults, but at some point that metabolism quiets down and what used to work, suddenly does not and we begin putting on weight.  Most of us were thin or “normal” as teenagers, and then the changes came, slowly at first, and then boom! we are overweight.

Low carb foods include many meat choices which contain fat, and fat is what provides flavor to food.  When people go on a low-fat diet they deprive their bodies of this flavor which is why it’s so difficult to maintain.  Only recently has it been discovered that fat is not the evil nourishment it is purported to be.  If there is an evil nourishment it’s high carbohydrates levels in foods.


Terin encourage you to make a decision to change your lifestyle and start your new life now.  Start learning about foods – and we cannot emphasize enough the value of low carb foods because we know it works.  Used with our The Essential Weigh and The Complete Weigh supplements, you have a great chance and opportunity to change your life to one that contains less pounds, more energy and a more fulfilling life. And your permanence may be more enduring.


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