How to Fire Up Your Metabolism and Melt Away Body Fat

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 “I just have a fast metabolism”

Everybody has that one friend, you know the one. They eat whatever they want all day and never gain a pound. While the rest of us are working out, dieting, and pretty much killing ourselves just to lose a couple pounds they’re eating a large pizza by themselves, binge-watching Netflix, and staying lean.  It doesn’t really seem fair, does it? But what’s even worse is the fact that when you ask them what their secret is all they tell you is, “I just have a fast metabolism.” What are you supposed to do with that? You are born with your metabolism, it can’t be changed. Or can it?

Metabolism explained in simple terms

Actually, it can be changed and doing that is the key to unlocking your body’s potential to lose more weight. But, to do so you have to understand how the metabolism works, and how it can help you lose more weight every day. You see, your metabolism is nothing more than the amount of calories your body burns to fuel the functions it performs. Now, obviously your metabolism burns more calories when you’re active, but it doesn’t stop when you are at rest. There are still plenty of hidden functions that your body is doing when you’re at rest that requires calories. Hidden functions like breathing, your heart beating, and your body repairing itself.

People who have higher metabolism are skinnier because their body is constantly burning calories faster, and throughout the entire day. When they are at rest, and their body is running all of those hidden functions, they are burning more calories than people who have a harder time losing weight.

Speed up Your Metabolism

So, it’s pretty simple then right? If you want to lose more weight then you have to speed up your metabolism. The only question left then is how you increase your metabolism. If you want to speed up your metabolism in the easiest way possible, then there are several, natural ingredients that can make that easier. Powerful fat burners and weight-loss pills use these supplements to help you lose weight and keep it off for good.  Ingredients like caffeine, safflower oil, green tea extract, Garcina Cambogia, and others can ignite your metabolism and let you lose more weight each and every day. Rather than constantly counting calories, let your body burn more of them just by doing what it’s going to do anyway.

Luckily Terin’s Smart Weigh has plenty of these powerful metabolism igniting ingredients in many of our supplements. Supplements like Advanced Weight Loss, Burn It Off, Control Appetite, and Furnace use these ingredients so that for once you can be the one sitting on the couch watching Netflix while your body quietly burns more calories, helping you lose more weight.  Use them by themselves or as part of Terin’s Essential Weigh or Terin’s Complete Weigh to finally start losing weight and seeing the results you have always wanted.